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Newark DE, Newark DE
Web site News:

All Graduating Class Reunion

Here are some 35th reunion photos:- photos-1  Also the 1991 reunion photo! and the Class of '77  Senior Prophesy.

Also, be sure to visit the  "personal pages" that are linked to word "more" at the end of the alumni bios for the class members listed below.
Note that these pages are often assembled purely from web material for the enlightenment of fellow class members.  If any of the chosen material is objectionable, for any reason, please let us know and the material will be immediately removed.

To Do List:
Work on these pages that I hope to accomplish with help or if no one objects:

1. Replace current design with style sheets and eliminate deprecated  HTML  features and  attributes. (I am  self taught and these pages could be a good example of the wrong way to do things)

2. Recreate the Alumni Details page (huge) in a so the html isn't so horrible. If anyone has a suggestion for a free html WYSIWYG editor, let me know. My Netscape "Compose" was released in 2000 and is really ancient.
(mike m.)

Remember to update us whenever your mailing address or e-mail address changes. We want to be able to deliver your Reunion Information in a timely and accurate manner!

How this site works:

On Krawen pages - "Click" on person's face for details

Use your mouse - Krawen pages are clickable

Alumni Names - Lists all 400 names individually. Clicking on a name takes you to the Krawen page that includes their senior picture. Click on their picture and it will take you to the Alumni Details page that will contain material updated as of 2010.

Alumni Details - A long alphabetical list of all class members with a short bio based on available info. You can reach the specific entry for any class member by clicking on their picture on the Krawen portrait pages.

If that person has provided more information about themselves, there will be a link under their name to follow to see the additional information.

Krawen Pages - This  button takes you to a list of  all 45 pages of senior's portraits. The full page scans are listed by page number. Once at a Krawen page, clicking on an individual student portrait takes you to the point in the list of biographical info for that particular student.

Picassa Albums - This button is at the top of "WebSite News" This is a Google product and is infinitely easier to load pictures and caption them than what I did originally for the reunion. I hope you like it.

About our new site:

This web site was made possible by the very generous contributions of a small number of classmates. Debbie expressed a desire for help with a web site that would really be our own.

I would contribute a template that has an commerce module, if we wanted to sell any NHS Class '71 branded merchandise.

I am still happy to make a page for individual classmates so long as you are happy with the very primitive pages that I have been making. Just send me a few recent pictures and tell me something about your life since graduation - one or two sentences is appreciated and more than most have time to send..

This web site is maintained for less than $100 per year and no one needs to pay to join.

If you have some time or some web experience, we can use help. I volunteered to help get things going but I am very much an amateur at web design as you can see.

Site updated
2:00 am December 19, 2013

If you have any suggestions or corrections (corrections greatly appreciated) just drop me a line at - webmaster

If anyone who knows nothing about website creation but would like to help I will be glad to share what little I know. If anyone wants to help and actually knows something about html, I would gladly be your assistant. Email me at the gmail address above. - mike m.


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