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I reminded Bruce about helping him on his motorcycle once and it brought up a lot of great old memories. This isn't a picture of Bruce's old motorcycle but it could be. So now I will link this page to a great photo of another bike. Follow this link

In the old days, insurance cost less

At the reunion, there were plenty of smiles and hugs for old friends and classmates.

Janice wrote 29 Nov 2006:

"Hello Mike . . . Bruce and I had a “royal blast” connecting with everyone and yes, people we hadn’t really known “back then”!  We are ready for the next one for sure.  Our only regrets are that so many who live locally didn’t or couldn’t make it.  We need a larger turn out.  I’m sure the website will help encourage others to stay in touch and come to the next reunion. 

Bruce and I left Sunday afternoon and headed to Rehoboth Beach and spent a couple of days enjoying the area before heading home.  We got back to Tally late last night.  We looked up Teresa Ford at her toy store and another friend, Rose Walker class of 1970.  Bruce step father lives there and we were able to get together with him also. 

This trip was very special all the way around.  We sat in the airport in Philly with Bruce’s laptop and looked at the additions to the website….COOL!  This is really fun!  So, I’m attaching some pictures that were taken with our camera from the reunion and a couple of pictures of our family to add to our blog.  I hope others do the same.  We LOVED reading about your guys! . . .  That is wonderful about your mom.  She remains a treasure.  Hug her for us, please!  Blessings, Janice (Nau) Buckson

 God is an ANY God; ANY thing you need, ANY time you need it, ANY where you are, ANY way He has to do it!"

 Bruce and Janice

Janice writes of the picture below:  "The second is when we were together as a family at a nephew’s soccer tournament
Orlando.  We are happy!  Janice"            [mm] Gosh, what a lovely family !

Josh, Jodi, Ink, Joe, Jared, Christa, Josh, Janice and Bruce

Janice writes of the wedding picture below: "The first picture is from our daughter Jodi’s wedding March 2006.  She married Josh Inkenbrandt (a mouthful I know).  Josh is part of the IT staff at a large church ministry called International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO  Jodi is on the prayer staff and they are expecting their first baby in June!  Yeah!  

Joel and Josh are our twins who are seniors and just turned 18 the day after Thanksgiving.  Through dual enrollment they have been taking college classes at Tallahassee Community College since their junior year and are working toward their AA degree.  When they graduate from our home school program they will have about a year of college completed. They are on either end of the picture. 

Our other son, Jared, almost 27, is next to his wife Christa.  Jared was the computer network administrator for Governor Jeb Busch’s office and is now with Caldwell Banker Realty in Sarasota, Florida.  Christa is a dental receptionist."

Bruce, Janice, Jodi, Josh and Joshua

Ray Bias, Bruce Buckson, Dana Anderson Cullin

Carol Duffy Janice and Bruce
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