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We asked for more details and Mike sent us this picture of his 12 year old daughter, Sarah.

Well Mike, if my kids look at this site they are going to want to come to the reunion too. You better make it clear that Sarah won't be there or Debbie is going to have to order more name tags.

                                                                                                                                                       Mike and Sarah

Mike writes, "I have been in
California since 1977 with a brief stay in Turkey after I left the Air Force.  I taught for 23 years and am now "retired", raising my 12 year old daughter and am a die hard weekend volleyball player.  I have 26 years of marriage (3 wives and am currently divorced) with three children.

My oldest son just turned 30 and married in May.  My daughter (26) is in
Arizona and just gave birth to her second child.  My youngest, Sarah (12 years) lives with me and is putting my through my paces as a single parent.  I live about 70 miles west of Lake Tahoe, between Sacramento and the lake.  CONTACT:  PO Box 226, Rescue, CA 95672  

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